7 Signs of a True Expert

There is a problem nowadays to distinguish a real expert from a person who seems to be but he is not. Since I have been selecting managers of various ranks and key specialists for companies for over 20 years, I had the opportunity to observe professionals in various fields. Regardless of their field of expertise, they all have common qualities.

  1. True Expert spends more time listening rather than speaking. Have you met people who, more than anything else, love to listen to the sound of their own voice? So, at best, these were motivational speakers not experts.
  2. True Expert asks questions. And listens carefully to your answers.
  3. True Expert may experience different emotional states, but it does not affect his judgement.
  4. True Expert operates from the Adult ego state (see E.Bern).
  5. It is very unlikely to hear from the True Expert that he “knows everything”, since he perfectly understands that it is impossible to know everything. That is why the Expert is constantly engaged in self-educating himself.
  6. True Expert is not afraid to admit his mistakes.
  7. True Expert puts his knowledge into practice. But he is very well educated in the theoretical foundations of his profession.

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