Offboarding practices: how to dismiss an employee without hard feelings from his/her side

– What is offboarding? Why is there so little information about it in Runet?

Svetlana: Offboarding is what starts to happen when an employee leaves the company. This is what accompanies the dismissal process; and what happens after the employee quits. Initially, this term was used by companies that were carrying out mass layoffs. Nowadays the term is used to indicate any dismissal. Little has been written about offboarding, because the word is new. But a lot has been written about how to fire employees correctly.

My first interview on this topic was in 2004 to “The Manager” magazine.

Practically nothing has changed since that moment and all my advice from the year of 2004 is still relevant. My job as a recruiter is to help companies find the best talent and to make sure that the employer and the employee have a mutually beneficial relationships. However any employee before starting to work for the company usually considers what will happen when he leaves this company. At my previous job, as an employee I have also been thinking about that. The employer, on the other hand, when hiring an employee, also thinks about how he will fire him. These comings and goings are an endless social process, compared to a Möbius strip.

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  1. What this means is to treat them kindly throughout the process and celebrate their successes. Instead of being bitter that they’re leaving, you can be sad to lose them and still show you appreciate all they contributed during their time with you. Letting an employee leave without gaining some insight is a huge mistake. This is the employee’s opportunity to express their frustrations, concerns, and happy points. In turn, their feelings can help you improve the company culture moving forward. This continual improvement will help you retain employees in the long run because your goal is to make it a better work environment.   

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