2021 will be a tough year

I will speak honestly with you now.

Some companies will close.

Some of you will be laid off or simply fired.

Some of you will lose money, and some will lose opportunities.

Covid-19 will continue to be on the agenda and will not go anywhere.

As well as remote work.

The labor market will change a lot.

Inflation will continue.

Sounds awful? Yes.

Should we give in? No.

People always find the way, no matter the circumstances.

This is probably not your first crisis.

Definitely not the first one for me.

Every crisis makes us stronger, smarter and more creative. We begin to appreciate the really important things more.

2021 will be another reboot.

Please show empathy for those in need.

At the same time, remember yourself and focus on your goals.

Don’t be distracted by unimportant small things and media noise.

Don’t put your trust in what people are saying. Check for yourself. Ask questions.

Work with your fears.

Invest in yourself and your career.

If you have a difficulty doing it on your own, come for a consultation.

Let’s figure it out together.

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