True and not so true.

He is sitting in front of me. Clean shaven, in a stark white shirt. Looks a little tired. But you can see right away – he is a professional.

I enjoy meeting the clients on their ground. It provides an opportunity to get the company’s “feel”. Sense things that are usually not spoken. Important things.

What is the main challenge of my work?

From the outside it seems quite simple. There is a job opening. And a bunch of candidates’ CV’s. Take it and match it! In addition, there is a crisis (there is always some kind of crisis 🤦🏻‍♀️) and everyone desperately needs employment. There is no need to motivate , just to pay the salary!

Why on Earth we need to put together a project team of 4 people, of which only one works with actual CVs, in order to make one placement? What are the rest of them doing?

“Do you have a psychologist in your team?” There was hope in client’s eyes.

He was appointed as a general manager just recently. Before that, he worked on a completely different continent. It immediately became clear to me that he was not at all ready to face the mentality of local employees.

“Order and accuracy is everything! It is extremely important! The documents should always be in order, it goes without saying. But I am much more concerned about the psychological state of the employees. Their well-being and development. Their passion for work. Papers are not the main thing. So please find me a psychologist.”

How very interesting! Company HR director, based in London, who is taking part in the selection process as well, told us something completely different: “Our employees love the company and are happy with everything. We have a lot of trouble with paperwork and problems with the authorities because of it. We need a person who can deal with the legal side of HR. Find us a candidate with legal background.”

GM sighs: “Yes, we had one candidate refered to us by HR in London. Very methodical. Boring. Of course I rejected him. I don’t think he suits us. We need a professional. ”

What is true for one is not so true for another.

Fit the square peg in a round hole. Match the unmatched. Combine all the spoken and unspoken criteria in one person.

That’s what customers expect from us.

Guess what the candidates expect?

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