7 reasons for visiting Minsk

I really like Minsk! That’s why:

1️⃣ People in Minsk are quite calm and friendly. Children, respectively, too. Finding friends for Fedya was not difficult. Everyone easily made contact and was ready to include him in the game. That’s what both Russia and Montenegro are lacking.

2️⃣ Belorussia has low population density. Minsk is a big city, the capital. Yet there is no feeling of a “crowd”.

Ben is buying coffee from a coffee cart in the downtown Minsk.

3️⃣ There are almost no traffic jams in Minsk, it is comfortable to drive, the roads are wide. On this visit we used car sharing and we enjoyed it very much. On our trip to the airport we were able to save amounted as much as 750 rubles (10 euros).

4️⃣ In Minsk, you can easily get any services with a Russian passport. Ben was examined in a state clinic through the department of paid services. For quite a reasonable fee – excellent professional doctors, no queues and European level of services.

5️⃣ Feeling nostalgic about the Soviet Union? Minsk is a place to go!

In this city, Europe and the former USSR are surprisingly combined. The central grocery store still sells “Korzinochka” cakes with cream made of raw fresh eggs and you can get your 50 grams of vodka right at the cash register. Some guys actually drink it on the spot!

In a modern futuristic airport in Minsk I suddenly found myself … in a Soviet research institute – the same corridors, the same doors and even the same smell. I was looking for a restroom and have just turned the corner.

6️⃣ Minsk is very digitally advanced. There is wi-fi everywhere and you can pay by card at every store. Even if the amount is less than 1 ruble. In 2 weeks I have never had a reason to use an ATM.

7️⃣ Shopping is great! Products from all over the world and local producers, at very good prices. I bought myself a chic linen dress, I hope to take it out on New Year’s.

In the bookstore in my new linen dress

Of course, my shopping is limited by the airlines and the physical capabilities of my spouse. Although during this visit we have almost bought a car 😂

If you have not been to Minsk already, it is definitely worth a visit. Wait until I write about our trip to the Belorussian Santa Claus!

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